Comments from my KGH assessment marker:

“You show a good understanding of the principles of KGH and your passion and belief in its benefits comes across”

“I sense a confidence in your ability to use hypnobirthing to aid couples”

“I have no doubt that you will make a great KGH teacher”

Comments from parents that completed a KGH course (with various KGH teachers around the UK):

“I just want to say that our dream would never have been possible without all your amazing advice! We did the CD every night and the book dispelled most of my fears.”
Liz, Jim and baby Alfred.

“The hypnobirthing experience equipped me with the knowledge, and the physical and mental strength to see me through one of the most important experiences of my life!”

“my worries and the things I was scared about that we all naturally associate with childbirth were greatly reduced”
Amy, Dan and baby Daisy.

“I really enjoyed doing the taster course with Bethany. For someone who wasn’t really sure at all what hypnobirthing was or what the course would entail this course was brilliant- it gave you so much information and a great insight as to how helpful the course would be for both me my partner and my baby. Bethany answered all of my questions at the end (although they were answered through her course) and she was so friendly and lovely i went away feeling as if I had known her ages and not just an hour. I really recommend Bethany if you are looking for hypnobirthing!”

Anonymous, Taster Session Attendee